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Sensational Sunsets – Black Book Ibiza’s Favourite Spots

No visit to Ibiza would be complete without witnessing the world famous Ibiza sunset. Sunsets across the world are a marvel of nature, but there’s something unique about watching the sun make its final descent into the sea after yet another perfect Ibizan day that’s simply impossible to beat. We have handpicked our favourite Ibiza sunset destinations for you to choose from.

Punta Galera

This natural rock formation on the outskirts of San Antonio is not to be found in many guide books, which is a very good reason to head here for sunset, there will be no crowds, no noisy bars, just pure and simple beauty. Over the years, the elements have carved magnificent flat surfaces out of the edge of the cliffs, the reason why it’s known locally as ‘Flat Rocks’. There’s no bar here, so pack a picnic and lose yourself in the unspoiled beauty of this most idyllic spot.

Sunset Strip

Geographically close by, yet seemingly a million miles away is possibly the most famous and popular sunset destination, the world renowned Sunset Strip. Home to the place where it all began, Café del Mar, and also the legendary Mambos and Savannah, this bay, known as Calo des Moro attracts thousands of people each and every night who pack out the many bars and restaurants to enjoy this spectacle. The atmosphere is intoxicating and it’s not unusual to hear the crowds burst into a huge round of applause as the sun dips gracefully into the water.

Cap des Falco

Set in the natural park of Ses Salinas, arguably one of the most beautiful areas of the island and home to the famous salt flats, is another picture perfect spot, Cap dés Falco. This cliffside viewing point is home to the eclectic Experimental Beach club, and their innovative menu and sumptuous lounge beds add to the overall experience and the backdrop offers a simply idyllic sunset view. The secluded location makes it one of our favourite  romantic spots to celebrate the end the day.

Cala D’Hort

Home to the mythical rock of Es Vedra, there can be few places more magical to witness the setting of the sun than this legendary spot which is steeped in legends and folkore. Es Vedra was said to be home to Tanit, the goddess of fertility. The beach also offers three excellent restaurants, especially renowned for their fresh fish and paella dishes, our favourite being Es Boldaldo, which overlooks the bay, offering unforgettable views.

Hacienda Na Xamena

If you feel like indulging in a five star sunset experience, we can think of no better place than the luxurious, breath-taking setting of the Hacienda Na Xamena resort and spa. Set high above the sea in the hills of San Miguel, this is the most opulent of settings to soak up that inimitable sunset vibe. Either relax on their exquisite terrace, or treat yourself to a sunset spa swim in their infinity pools, which offer an unforgettable view of the bay. A true piece of Ibiza heaven.

So, whichever sunset destination you choose, rest assured, you will be blown away by the myriad of colours which light up the sky each and every night, mesmerising and mysterious, the Ibiza sunset is simply magical every time.

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