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Kalash47 #971


1 / 1 limited edition

Exclusive 1 of 1 Art Print signed and embossed by ex- military soldier now turned artist ‘Bran Symondson’.
This print comes with its own exclusive identical NFT
which will be airdropped to the owner of the print.
Option to pay with Crypto is available, please speak
to the team at Atzaro for more information.

Kalash47 is a representation of many personal things that have a deep resonance with who I am , where i’ve been and what I’ve seen.

It’s the same as covering your school bag with badges that have meaning or plastering your laptop with stickers that denote what you believe in; the subjects close to your heart. That’s how I have treated this collection. It’s more thasn just a jpeg, it’s personal.

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Dimensions 5 × 71 × 36 cm
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Product Enquiry

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