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Bruiser Standard Print – #2398


Bruiser Standard Print – #2398

1 / 5 limited edition

Bruiser is a sculpture piece encapsulated by empowerment and strength for all women, no matter their situation, background or location.

Women’s empowerment can be defined by “promoting women’s sense of self worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.”

It was the utter disdain and anger towards the world events unfolding and this theme became so deafening to Schoony that he felt compelled as both the father of a daughter and the son of a single mother to shine a light onto this subject matter that had for so long been swept under the carpet.

With Bruiser, as with all of Schoony’s works of art, this piece has garnered a powerful following. When viewing this , the beholder can mean so many things to so many people but the message pf strength, self esteem are ever present.

Bruiser is a piece that means something to everyone with a woman in their life they wish to protect and for those that know there those less fortunate who don’t have that protection and we join together in that cause by shining the light through art on this fight.

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