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Blue Butterfly and Dollar Origami AK-47 (Sculpture)


Blue Butterfly and Dollar Origami AK-47

1 / 1 limited edition

Mother-Nature Battling Capitalism. Bullets are filled with symbolic fillings that represent man’s destruction of mother nature, the hypocrisy of man and how we create a divide, worrying more about politics than our planet.

  • Physical Sculpture Price: €28,000.00
  • Edition 1 of 1
  • Dimensions 460mm High x 320mm Deep x 1220mm Long

Real AK-47, deactivated and decommission along with EU stamped certification, embellished with real blue butterflies and real dollar origami butterflies.

Bullet Fillings:


2)Cherry Blossom




6)Berlin Wall

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Dimensions 125 × 33 × 46 cm
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Product Enquiry

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