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Beat of a Wing – Mixed Butterfly AK-47 Draco


Beat of a Wing – Mixed Butterfly AK-47 Draco

1 / 1 limited edition

Inspired by the ‘Chaos theory’ which states that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, like in a jungle, for example, a flutter of a butterfly wing would then result in underlying patterns, repetition, self-similarity, and self-organisation.

Bran has presented this theory in his ‘Beat of a Wing’ editions, he carefully places each butterfly meticulously by hand, the magazine is then laser cut which showcases AK-47 7.62mm glass bullets that contain symbolic fillings representing the environmental destruction caused by mankind:

Dead Fish (Represents destruction of the oceans)
Fertiliser (Represents destruction of the natural environment)
Oil (Production and use of oil, carbon monoxide and other by-products)
Sugar (Represents over farming)
Coal (Represents burning of the fossil fuel)
Saw Dust (Deforestation and destruction of the rainforest)
Pesticides (Destruction of the natural habitat including butterflies)

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Dimensions 84 × 30 × 46 cm
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