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Luxury Villa Rentals IN IBIZA

Elite Style Comfort

With an extensive range of the finest luxury villas which line Ibiza’s idyllic coastline and stunning hilltops, Black Book Ibiza can provide the perfect villa for your stay.


So, whether you want a lavish viewpoint on the cusp of Cap Martinet or a sleek modern retreat at the heart of Sant Josep, our extensive property portfolio will meet the very highest of expectations. Whilst every villa is beautifully unique, the quality remains the same, so expect soaring ceilings and whitewashed walls, complemented by the very best furnishings and fixtures. For the ultimate indulgence, each villa can offer an in-house chef or provide specialist catering for bespoke events, as well as personalised spa and beauty treatments in the comfort and privacy of your chosen villa.


“I have known Alex and Claire from my early days in Ibiza, so when searching for my new base in 2014 they were my obvious call. They came up with exactly what I was looking for.. an amazing place that’s still my Ibiza home today. Great service, highly recommended.”

Jamie Jones DJ / Producer

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