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BBI Loves – Walking in Ibiza

Walking and hiking in Ibiza is an increasingly popular pastime on the White Island, especially in the low season, when the weather in Ibiza is simply perfect for exploring the hidden beauty spots and nature trails. Whilst we enjoy an average of 300 days per year sunshine here on the island, the temperatures a little  less intense than those of the summer months , making the winter time perfect for a an Ibiza adventure.!

We all know and love Ibiza for many different reasons. The infamously decadent Ibiza nightlife scene, the glamorous beachclubs and abundance of fabulous Ibiza restaurants. But when you head off the beaten track, away from the crowds, you will discover a different side of this most breathtaking of islands.

So, where to begin? Will you choose to join a guided walk, led by an island resident who will lead you on some magical routes, which you may well never discover alone, and at the same time stop at various points of interest, such as abandoned pirate towers, giving you an insight into Ibiza´s fascinating history. There are several companies on the island who offer this service, one of the best is Walking Ibiza, which is run with vigour and passion by Toby Clarke who was born here on the island and brings with him a wealth of fascinating facts. They offer several walks each month, suited to all different levels of fitness. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for up to the minute information.

Or for the more adventurous spirits amongst you, create your own hike or walk. The island offers some truly spectacular routes, which can be easily planned, simply grab a map and explore. Why not head to the highest point of the island, Sa Talaia, which can be reached by following a well signposted track from the church in the quaint village of San Jose. The impressive mountain offers breathtaking panoramic views across the island. Be warned however, this route is not for the faint hearted, its a steep climb, and so some stamina is required! However when you reach the peak, standing 475 m above sea level, the spectacular views will stay with you for a lifetime. On a clear day you can see mainland Spain from the summit as well as breathtaking views over the turquoise waters of Cala Bassa, Cala Comte and Cala Jondal.

Another spectacular and somewhat mythical route is the path to the iconic site of Atlantis. The area around here is steeped in legend and mystery. The ancient site was once used as a quarry by the Phoenicians , and here they sourced the stones used  to build the statuesque Dalt Vila. The site became something of a haven for the hippies who flocked here in the 60’s and 70’s, who claimed the area had magical fertility powers. You can still see many sculptures and carvings of Buddha and the Goddess Tanit around the walls. Atlantis is somewhat difficult to find, as there are no signposts, but the natural formations of the rocks and surrounding scenery offer some of the best photographic opportunities anywhere on the island, take the road from Sa Pedrera and discover the magic for yourself!

These are just a couple of our favourite suggestions, the island is ready and waiting to be explored, and there are several guide books available to give you detailed routes and historical information. So, grab your backpack and some sturdy shoes, plenty of water and start to discover the hidden mysteries that this island continues to bless us with! Enjoy!

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